Thursday, December 30, 2010

Print n Cut

My Print n Cut Directions for Make The Cut and the  Expression

This is what works for me. Leave me a comment with your e-mail address if you need yours tweeked.

Print n Cut with the Expression


1. Save your image.

2. Print your Image on White Cardstock (I use the 8x10 packs from Walmart)

3. Go to settings button . It is to the right of the LCD display, bottom row , first button on the left.

4. Use the arrow (+) (-) under LCD to make your selections.

5. Press OK to select.

6. Select Inches-1/10ths.

7. Press settings button to save and exit.

8. Set Expression on Portrait mode.

Print n Cut

1.Open MTC and set to Portrait, Uncheck Outline Shapes, set mat to Contrast Click View at top go to Printer Options and click Set Print Lines.

2. Use Pixel Trace to bring in image, press Set Image as Texture, set threshold to get a solid outline, Click Import

3.Click on the graphic to select it then press blackout at the bottom or through Edit >Shapemagic

4.Use Shapemagic to add a shadow, change the color close to your graphic color.

5. Click on Image to select the graphic and put the 1st gray dotted line on the corner of the 1inch square. Selection Properties Box at the top right should read X 1.0and Y 1.0

6. Line up paper exactly on mat edge

7. Load mat close to blade side along that extra line on Expression to be consistent.

8. Close the eye of the shadow layer and press the Scissors on MTC.

This should be very close and may cut some of your shadow but that should blend in. If you are off e-mail me and I will send you directions for adjusting. If you do not have Make The Cut click in the link on my sidebar and download it for free and try it out. So many free options will be opened up for you to create.

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